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It all started back in 1984 with our family friend’s Mac. I knew that what I sat behind every time I visited was something special. With which other tiny little beige box could you play such fabulous games one minute, then within minutes upon inserting another floppy disc, draw, pixel by pixel, amazing works of art? I was hooked from that moment!

From the less creative days from when Apple sold its boxes as appliances through Sears, through the renaissance Steve Jobs brought about… I continued to use these wonderful devices that allowed me to do more and more each and every year. As a graphic designer in the early 2000s, there were no finer tools for me to practice my field.

When an opportunity arose in the mid-2000s… Being able to work at Apple became a dream come true. I was finally working directly for this great company I’d watched so long. It was so exciting to experience the company from the inside. To see how it functioned. To witness what was behind the magic curtain. To see the new products first. To train others in how to use these new devices. To be the first to open them up and see what made them tick. Wow, what a wonderful experience to be working at the center of all that!

… But eventually, I changed. I wanted to get out of the city. I wanted to get away from the traffic. To get away from the crazy consumerism. I wanted to breathe fresh air. So in late 2013, I decided to move to the little town of Viroqua in the driftless region of Wisconsin. Another great opportunity… to continue to work for Apple from home! I did tech support for Apple from the comforts of my home. I rose through the ranks to become a Senior Advisor in the beginning of 2015. Thousands of calls later, my current story begins…

I loved being able to help all these people from all over the country, but I began to desire a more local focus. I wanted to see my clients face to face. I wanted to help those that Apple would no longer help because of the age of their machines. I decided to open the next door into a new room; though one painted with familiar colors. I thanked Apple for all its help and support over the last 9 years to go off on my own, training wheels off, to where I am now…

So if you are local; if you need help with your Mac, no matter its age or whether you need software help or hardware help; you are my customer… My guiding principle is to help you, the customer, in the most honest and best way that I can… and to support the devices of the company that I grew up using and loving.

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